Over the years we have helped many individuals, non profit and profit organisation with our services. We understand everyone who we are new to, has a slight worry in the back of their mind.

That worry is usually, “can this company do what they say”, “are they going to be reliable” and “are they friendly and helpful to work with”.

For these worries alone many companies stick to their contractor, who they should have replaced but have been worried to do so.

Many other individuals are worried to switch over in case the new company they contract doesn’t perform well and it reflects badly on them in front of their peers and managers.

And finally switching contractors can be daunting and long winded, unless you’re switching over to us.

This is why below we have included some wonderful testimonials from client and organisations who we have helped and continue to offer our services to. Also if you fill out our “5 Pages Of  Clients Testimonials For You To Read For Free” form, we will send you more happy client testimonials. We would recommend you do this for your peace of mind.

Please enjoy your read.


Audio Testimonial #1

To listen to a quick testimonial from Shawn Hughes a very happy Vedhas customer Click Here


Testimonial #1

I would like to confirm I have used all of Vedhas’s services and am extremely happy with how they attended my properties to carry out scheduled testing and maintenance.

I have continuously recommended them to friends of mine who own factories, distribution centres, offices and retail outlets. Everyone I have referred to them has told me they were glad I did.

I have also referred them to local schools and NHS centres and have had the same feedback. So I am very impressed.

What I like the most about Vedhas is that they don’t just come on site, do what I paid them to do and that’s it. They keep in contact, they don’t just forget about me or my friends. They help improve how we stay compliant by providing ongoing support, self check reminder services and helpful information on what is required by the responsible person.

It is these little extras that have made a big difference for me and the people I have referred them to.

I would highly recommend Vedhas to you, if you want a company that give you value for money and not just a cheap quick patch up job. They are a company passionate about what they do.

Along with this reference I would personally like to say “Thank You” Vedhas and your team members for all the support you have given me over the years. You have always gone that extra step for me and I really appreciate it and hope this reference reflex that.  I wish you the very best in growing your organisation and look forward to using you again in the near future.

B. Singh



Testimonial #2

This is to certify that having been instructed by my Insurance Company RIAS to hire an engineer of my choice to rectify my faulty Pulsacoil electric water heater, I consulted the internet which provided me with a company called: Vedhas.

This company responded immediately and commenced work and quickly identified a burnt out element and replaced it. However, the working modality of this Pulsacoil electric water heater was still incomplete.

After many days of consultation between my Insurance company and Vedhas, Vedhas thorough investigation revealed that I might have bought my property with a partial electrification of my apartment which denied me the legal right to enjoy “Electric off peak entitlement”.

It is worth a note, after many years of having Glendhill as my service provider for my Pulsacoil electric water heater and after many complaints by me that my water heater was only functional when the booster was on, they were either unaware of the faulty electrification of my apartment or they simply avoided letting me know the technical implication. By this note, I would like to thank Vedhas for their professional efficiency and their cordiality in giving service.

Therefore, I would gladly recommend Vedhas to any individual or establishment who may require electrical services and especially on Pulsacoil electric water heaters.

Best regards.
Ebenezer O. Mayaki



Testimonial #3

Vedhas arranged prompt delivery of the parts and attended when they said they would. Our resident called our maintenance department to say she was very pleased with the service she received from Vedhas engineer, and the mannerism in how he tackled the job and if we could use these engineers for future works to her electric hot water system.

When we receive feedback like this it goes to show the professionalism of that organisation.

Ibrahim Khan,
Building Surveyor,
North London
Muslim Housing Association

Muslim Housing Ass



Testimonial #4

Vedhas Limited are one of our approved contractors, carrying out home emergency reactive maintenance works for electrical, plumbing and gas, working on our behalf.

I have always found them to be helpful, efficient and very professional whilst adhering to our robust service levels.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Adrian Borgust
Regional Network Manager
Home Assistance UK Ltd.
Part of British Gas

Home Assistance UK British Gas


Below is a list of some clients we have helped


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Real Live Testimonial

Shawn Hughes a very happy Vedhas customer, Click Here to listen to his comments

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