Pulsacoil 3 (III)

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Pulsacoil 3 (III) Thermal Storage System

The Pulsacoil 3 is a high-specification thermal system which provides hot water in homes and apartments. The Pulsacoil 3 is efficient when operated correctly and is simple to operate. This system is also different from many traditional systems in the marketplace as we will explain why and how.

Pulsacoil 3

Pulsacoil 3

Pulsacoil 3 Technology

When released the Pulsacoil 3 thermal storage system was one of the most advanced water heating systems available. Fitted with a plated heat exchanger, circulating pump, sensors, and PCB board, the Pulsacoil 3 was designed to be the most efficient system in the marketplace.

One of the advantages with the Pulsacoil 3 system was that it reduces the risk of contamination from things such as Legionella. Click here to read more about Legionella. It does this by transferring the stored heat through the plated heat exchanger controlled by the pump to the mains water feed. In most other types of water heaters which store hot water and the same hot water exits the hot water taps, should not drop below 50°C for contamination reasons.

Another advantage the Pulsacoil 3 system gave was that it reduces the chances of scalding by allowing the temperature of the hot water at the tap to be controlled at around 55°C. This then caused a slight disadvantage which is that the water takes a little time to stabilise in temperature when a hot water tap is opened. This is usually 25 seconds.

Also the Pulsacoil 3 has been designed to work with a lower rate tariff if setup correctly with a timer or off-peak supply.

Designed To Fulfil Three Basic Needs – Pulsacoil 3:

Powerful Pressured Hot Water From The Pulsacoil 3

The Gledhill Pulsacoil 3 system was designed to provide all the hot water you are likely to use under normal conditions, and it delivered that hot water at the same pressure as you cold water mains pressure. With the Pulsacoil 3 system users can enjoy the same powerful mains pressure at your tap or shower and you will not need a separate pump to achieve this. This also means you can fill your bath with hot water in minutes reducing the waiting time and loss of heat. When we say “all the hot water you are likely to need under normal conditions” this is dependent on the Pulsacoil 3 storage tank size which depends on the number of bedrooms and bathroom in the installation. If a undersized system was installed, it will not give sufficient hot water to the property it was installed in.

Pulsacoil 3 Operates Efficiently

The Pulsacoil 3 system was designed so that the energy it needs is minimised, avoiding costly us of electricity by taking advantage of off-peak tariff or rate 2 when installed with a timer.

Hot Water To  Tap That Doesn’t Deteriorated In The Pulsacoil 3 Store Tank

The Pulsacoil 3 is connected directly to the cold mains water supply and therefore even the hot water supply is pure water each time you use it. With other standard systems which have a cold water supply cistern in the roof space, there is always the chance that the tank can become contaminated by birds, dust and (or) insects.

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