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What customer service means to us

I want to begin with what customer service does not mean to us. Customer service is not arriving to site on time, doing a quality job and being “reliable”. This is a standard expectation and there is nothing special about it. It is a company’s responsibility to make sure these are always achieved.

Yes it is true these are missing in our industry and lots of companies don’t get the basics right, but across the board this is still an expectation, something you would expect and not think about.

Customer service for you in our eyes means the following:

  • Thanking you for your purchase and following up with any questions you may have which were overlooked or have been worrying you. (Many companies avoid this and want to deliver the product or service before you change your mind). We don’t believe in this approach. We believe if you are unsure of a purchase, it is our responsibility to make sure that doubt is addressed and you are happy to move forward.If you buy the wrong product or service from us and we didn’t help you make a better decision, you won’t be our customer for long and will no doubt be unhappy with us.
  • Providing ongoing support and information which could help you with the service or product you have purchased. (In our industry this is so overlooked it is shocking. Many small to large businesses believe once they have completed what they say they will do, that is it). We don’t agree with this either. We believe we have a duty of care to you and to provide you with ongoing support and helpful tools which will help you get more out of the product or service they have purchased.
  • Asking you how we can improve our services, in order to offer you a better experience and then act on the feedback you give us. (How can companies really know if they give great customer service, are “reliable”, if they don’t track it? How many companies ask you for feedback and acted on it).We believe “to give better customer service, we must understand how you see us, and what you think we can improve on”. So when you receive a survey request, I strongly encourage you give us feedback and tell us where we can improve. This is all for you.
  • Doing something random. This may sound strange, but how many times has a company done something for you randomly, which delighted you?  I can’t go into much detail here because it could ruin a surprise for you. If you are a previous customer, you may already know what I am talking about.

We are trying to excel in customer service because we want to make your experience with us great. Please feel free to click on the menu to hear what a customer thinks of us and feel free to download our 5 page testimonial.

Thank you for taking your time to read this

Claire Foster
Relations Manager

Real Live Testimonial

Shawn Hughes a very happy Vedhas customer, Click Here to listen to his comments

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